Home Automation

Turn your home into a smart home, and help to automate the little things in life with the advent of newer innovative technology toward a healthy living – whether it is audio video, lighting, window treatment with electronic shades, access control, intercoms and surveillance.

Residential Design

Your home should feel like home. Here at geomeximdesigns, we understand that your home should be your haven, your safe place – a place where you can live your life the way you want. Let us help you with your architectural & interior needs includong value engineering, home automation and green building technology.

Interior Design

Design goes with excellence. A platoon of innovative workforce – we are specialized in various applications in the field of interior designs – in your home or in your office, with most modern paints & panels, world class luxury furniture’s with non-polyester or non-nylon coverings including pillow covers, linens, custom mattresses and rugs. We designs healthy living.

  • General
  • Space Development
  • Wall Treatment
  • Stairs
  • Luxury Furnitures

Exterior Design

GeoMeximDesigns can help you in various ways in terms of color & living. Whether you are having a fascination into most modern or classic design including colored landscaping, fountains and outdoor sculptures.

  • Modern & Ancient
  • Landscaping
  • Sculpture & Mural
  • Steel & Cust Iron Fence
  • Garage Automation
  • Value Engeering